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All donations and proceeds of the Kasanga Mulwa Foundation go straight to running the programs linked to the causes in line with the policies of the foundation.

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Environment and Wildlife Conservation

We protect wildlife for many reasons. It is a source of inspiration. It nurtures a sense of wonder. It is integral to the balance of nature. By protecting species, we also protect the essential goods and services that make our lives possible and contribute enormously to human health and well-being — breathable air, clean water, […]


Agriculture, Farming and Livelihood Support

The foundation seeks to contribute to improving food security and the livelihood of vulnerable populations affected by successive droughts. This can be done through support to small-hold farmers to boost their productivity by way of donation of drought-resistant and improved seeds, information on best possible farming practices and storage and value addition to the harvest.


Education, Mental Health and Psychosocial Support

Mental health can be described as the state of our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. Our response to success, loss, pain, and disruption impacts our mental health and psychological well-being increasing our vulnerability to mental health problems. The foundation seeks to avail platforms where mental health problems can be resolved through the integration of the […]


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