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I can honestly say that I get so much out of volunteering for the Kasanga Mulwa Foundation. I love helping people. It's very satisfying to know that you're helping others cope with their condition and making a difference in their lives.
Ms. Stacy Partington
I've been a volunteer at the Kasanga Mulwa Foundation for six months now. I find the role both humbling and incredibly rewarding. I've learnt a lot from the people and I recommend volunteering with the Kasanga Mulwa Foundation.
Mr. John Ndolo

The ways to help others in the best way.

"At the end of our lives we will not be judged by how much money we made, we will be judged by; I was hungry and you gave me food. I was homeless and you took me in". ~ Mother Teressa ~

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A concrete help for a better and kind world

"What is important is family, friends, giving back to your community and finding meaning in life." ~ Adrian Grenier ~

Each donation is essential to us.

~It doesn't take a big donation to help someone, just a lot of little donations.~

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The Kasanga Mulwa Foundation partners with the Lukenya Community Schools in Kambu, Emali. The school has over 500 students and in constant need of curriculum based textbooks, stationeries and non academic books. The Foundation urges any well wishers to donate new or used books that are in good condition for the students to utilize.


The Kasanga Mulwa Foundation is currently being entirely funded by donors. The Foundation seeks to appeal to well wishers to donate this worthy cause, what they can. No amount is little and it will go a long way in improving the lives of the community at large. We continue to thank our donors for their relentless support to the foundation.

New Volunteers

The Kasanga Mulwa Foundation is currently working with five permanent volunteers and thirteen part-time volunteers. Their core mandate is to prepare programs for the foundation, to manage the events and activities and to participate in the execution of the programmes successfully. The Foundation welcomes more volunteers to have a bigger outreach to the community.